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11th January, 2014


VLC MP or simply VLC is popularly known because of its orange and white traffic cone icon display. It is the most downloaded media player ever. Countless of users worldwide are firm proof that it is the best multimedia player ever distributed as far as, free video software is concerned.

  This comprehensive media player can fulfill all your needs for an all in one multimedia software. Its contribution towards video, audio, image and data solutions is undoubtedly gigantic.

  This free video software functionalities and qualities can definitely suit all purposes that a best media player should have. It is a free and open source software solution that is supported by major platforms such as Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris, and Android, iOS, BSD and a lot more.

  It has also a friendly user interface written and translated in different version and languages around the world, around 40 languages to be exact. Downloading of this software is even made easier because of its license under General Public Licenses which totally allows all kind of users to download this free video software called VLC Media Player today!


VLC Media Player Download

    It has also light system requirements written in different programming languages (C, C++ and Objective C) that can easily compile and run the application efficiently to almost all kinds of computers even made possible for lower version of hardware and Operating System. It is also a portable software application that can be run directly from USB sticks without installing it directly from your system files.

  Also, it can easily fit the free space of your computer’s memory because of its small file size. These are gigantic features that are readily available absolutely free when you download VLC Media Player.

VLC Media Player Download Windows 

This multimedia solution is also known for its consistent and stable qualities. It supports a wide list of file and video formats including various data and images.

Another unique performance of VLC Media Player (VLC) is that it can play all kinds and formats of videos, whether it’s full or partial videos, unfinished, damaged or old videos it display consistent approach.

VLC Media Player Download Mac

It runs all file formats and codecs which includes FLV (Flash Video), MPEG-4 Part2, MXF (Material Exchange Format), Advanced Video Coding and video and audio formats that supported by (library of codecs and formats, libavcodec and libavformat. Furthermore VLC can still play classic D-VHS into a High Definition (HD) picture by simply using a short executable file (CapDVHS.exe).   It is also best in video and audio streaming, it can even support and play live video streaming in digital and (High definition) HDTV. Another is that, VLC produces quality music and can display customized audio visualization. It is best in configuring beautiful audio and video skins and special effects. All these and more can be yours in an instant when you download free VLC Media Player.

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  • Configurable Interface.
  • Integrated scheme in a form of modules.
  • Ability to distribute architectural network.
  • It uses m2t or MPEG transport streams.
  • Best in archiving important and classic files.
  • It can be run directly using light portable device.

System requirement

  • It runs on Windows Platform.
  • It works on Mac OS X system.
  • It is compatible to Linux system too.